Sunday, November 29, 2009

AT, Module 3

Developing an assistive tech plan for the library can include many simple to some really elaborate solutions. Some of the simple things that could be included would be eBooks available in titles that are studied in class. The books would be helpful for those who have reading delays. There could also be some titles in large print for those with vision issues. There could also be a magnifier that plugs into a pc that will enlarge any book in the library so those with vision impairments can read any book in the library not just large print.

Further specific tech can be for a mobility impared was mentioned in my previous post. Additionally, some software choices are listed below:

Dragon Naturally Speaking Pro. This is a voice recognition software that will allow our student to dictate directly to her computer. It will type what she says and recognizes voice commands so she can also navigate the computer. It is compatible with the voice recorder and headset that were part of the hardware choices. She will not have to use her hands for anything and the software will allow her to be independent from others to perform basic computer functions.

SofType. This software emulates a standard mouse allowing her to further control the keyboard. It is compatible with the Headmouse extreme that was also one of the hardware choices. She will be able to control the mouse on the screen just by moving her head and the software recognizes the motion. This is yet another way to unlink her from dependence.

Mathtalk with Science Notebook. This is a software that goes with the other voice recognition but is geared specifically toward math and science formulas and specialized vocabulary. This will be helpful for her with all of the specific equations that need to be used in math and science classes. This enables the software to learn equations that she puts in for easy recall so she won’t have to dictate the formulas each time she wants to use them.

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