Sunday, November 15, 2009

AT module #1

This was in interesting module. I thought it was interesting that they used the celebrity thing with disabilities to get peoples interest. Clever.

Discovery exercise #1. How would I teach a blind student and how would I teach sighted students braille? Well, I read over the lessons that they had at the website and I thought some of them were very clever. In particular, I thought the teaching of the phases of the moon was outstanding. It would be highly useful for both sighted an unsighted students. I did not find anything on teaching sighted students braille. There were two links but the one was to a package that you could buy and the other did not work an redirected you back to the original site. I am not really sure how I would go about teaching anyone of any sight ability how to read braille.

In a library, it would obviously by important to be able to provide the materials needed if you were to have a blind student. Is there a ILL for braille materials to get what you would need when you need it because I think you would fiscally only be able to provide what is needed when it is asked for. Audiobooks are obviously a good way to go too.

Discovery exercise #2. Looking at teaching strategies for the classroom. There are tons of different things listed for LD on the website that we were directed to. I don't think it is very productive to list one thing that I can do for all students because they are all different and require individual accommodations according to their needs. I think that the best thing that I can tell myself in general is that the accommodations that I need to make are not to be confused with dumbing down material to get them through. As the website said, it is meant to "level the playing field." A LD does not mean that the student is any less intelligent than their peers, they just learn differently and we need to make sure we are providing the information to all.


  1. what a great reason for ILL (there are libraries for the blind who are very helpful)