Sunday, December 6, 2009

AT module 4

The video was embarrassing to watch. I expected that it might show people being cruel but instead they were overly nice. I can only imagine how tiring it must be for a person with a disability.

The quiz was good - I am happy to report that I got an A. I did miss a few and I think it was informative to read all the rationale, even on those I was correct on.

Five websites that might be helpful:

This website is the Family Guide to Assistive Technology. It has a lot of stories of people who have gone through a lot of issues and advice for families to seek the technology and funding that they need.

This is a website put together by the Nebraska Department of Education and has sections describing the legal implications, incorporating AT into the IEP and dealing with issues in the classroom.

This website is the Center for Implementing Technology in Education. This website is dedicated to providing "evidence-based practices for integrating instruction technology to support the achievement of all students." It is really helpful because you can be alerted of new articles via facebook, RSS feed or Twitter.

This is a website to help with the implementation of AT in the elementary classroom. It has learning modules and tutorials to help make sure that students are recieving the help they should.

This website is for teachers. It contains tables of Assistive Technology devises that range from low to high tech and are ideas for teachers to get them started. It has web links to expand upon the information on this page.

This is an area that I feel I have been on the fringe of my whole life. My mom is a special ed teacher and I have grown up around her students. I think it was good for me to be introduced at an early age, as I feel more comfortable than I might otherwise around people with disabilities.


  1. great that you can continue your youthful connections

  2. The Center for Implementing Tech. id Ed. is a great site! Thanks for all these links.