Saturday, October 10, 2009

Week6, thing #14

Technorati must be a serious bloggers dream site! It was fun to poke around in the site. I can see how you could get totally lost in the site. I started to get really sidetracked from what I originally was looking for. I did register my blog so I guess I am now official. With the tagging, you can really direct specific users to your site and help to filter out the people who might come across it accidentally.

There are lots of uses you could put this too in a library setting. You can use it to set up a page of useful library informational blogs. Because there are so many ways to track the blogs, almost any teacher could use this tool in their classroom. You could help an English teacher have her students find and track blogs of authors. You could help the art teacher follow the current art scene with blogs on artists or musuem exhibits. I'm pretty sure you could use Technorati in just about any subject area.

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