Sunday, October 25, 2009

week 7 thing #17

The wiki sandbox was not my favorite, I will be honest about it. I guess I am just not really seeing the difference between a sandbox and any other wiki. I went to the classroom connections wiki sandbox and scrolled down through. It seems very disconnected. Aside from everyone in this class posting their webquest, it has a story about cats and dogs. I guess I do not really get the point.

I can see the use of a wiki as a virtual discussion or a place to post links and information you want a group of people to use. It could be for a book club or a gaming group or a bunch of people trying to connect on a specific topic. It could be a way for a class to work collaboratively to write about a topic and post findings so that the group can edit. The classroom uses for a wiki are only bounded by the people in the classroom. It is sad that wikis are absolutely blocked at my school.

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  1. I agree, the Sandbox was not my favorite either. In fact, my posting got deleted, accidentally I'm sure. That would be the downside to wikis.