Sunday, October 4, 2009

week 5, thing #12

Here is the URL of my Rollyo:

My list is of sites, mostly museums, that can access medieval art. I am hoping to use this eventually in helping my students find out how medieval art was made.

I had a lot of difficulty with this site. I think that the concept is great but I do not really think that the site is very easy to use because of how long it takes to load anything. Personally, I'd move on and try to find a site that is quicker to use. I just don't have the time to wait for this to load and half the time it doesn't work. I had to try to register twice and then it would not take my sites the first time either. To get to my list, I had to try three times, I kept getting a weird connection message. Hopefully, it will be accessible to those who wish to view/use it.

Just in case, here is the list of sites that are on my rollyo:

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